Outsource People Conference 2019

For two days, I had the opportunity to choose between exciting content or great networking.

I gave preference to networking and had many meetings with counterparts. There were the founders of companies, CEOs, Heads of Departments, marketers, etc. We exchanged information, emotions, and discussed further cooperation. I was pleased that most of the people who attended this conference understood that there would be networking and were open to communicate and share their thoughts.

In terms of comparing the first and second days, during the first day, people were more dedicated to the speeches, as for the second one, it was more about networking. I had more small talks on Sunday. Maybe this is because we had an afterparty, then three more locations, all accustomed to all.

I’m grateful to the organizers for having a lot of coffee breaks, during which we had an opportunity to communicate with those who made a preference for the reports and had time for networking.

One thing I discovered for myself is that some of the conference participants were not ready for networking, but had the desire to do it.

The audience with whom I spoke, divided into three main types:

  1. Regardless of company size, they have problems with finding potential clients, but they are willing to exchange leads and collaborate in other formats. There were approximately 60%
  2. Those who have clients, but have “lack of hands” and without proven partners for ongoing work. There were about 30%
  3. Large companies are all set, and you only need to complete the application for the partnership. But for some reason, some people from the first type don’t believe in such cooperation. Still, reflect why they think so. There were approximately 10% of such companies.

As for discussing the jurisdiction of companies, the situation is still relevant and often encountered during coffee breaks.

There is a real problem with the internal management of companies, most of them do not have performance indicators inside their companies. Therefore, rates are formed not based on company parameters but purely looking at the IT market. Companies are not looking for reasons why they should be ranked, but are looking for purposes why they cannot grade.

When it comes to marketing, companies do not have a clear budget for it and are often confused about what budget for development means and think that they have such item, but in reality, it is an illusion.

I realized that Outsource People conference has become, for me, the most excellent place of compelling information about the IT market, and here you can see the apparent pain of IT companies of diverse sizes, to discuss them together and find ways to solve these problems.

Summarizing all the above, I want to say: if you have problems with the development of your IT business and you are looking for changes, look for those who can help you 🙂 Or contact Growth Factory and Profit Group.

The only thing that you shouldn’t is to become a straw in a wild river, without a propeller or a motor it is not your business, it is a lottery 🙂 And it’s your choice to act on the model of influencing change or waiting for a lottery.