The second day in Sweden

Today I saw a massive ship in the Wasa Museum and a ribbon that looks like the flag of Ukraine (but I understand that our colors are similar to the Swedish).

Also, I was lucky to get to the narrowest and widest streets, saw the fireship:) Also, I realized that a single ticket for all types of transport (SL) is a beneficial thing. It is valid for a different period.

There were more people in Stockholm on Monday, but the transport was only a bit faster. As
Oleksandr Kucherenko explained, in Sweden, there are two periods: when activity in the city falls to a minimum- this means Christmas time and summer period. One more thing, I’ve met with Aleksey Sushanov and we’ve exchange experience and shared interests.

Today there were many more bicycles than the day before; at nighttime, they all wearing reflective clothing. Pedestrians are also wearing this kind of clothes.

Definitely, Stockholm is a city where you need to spend at least 3-5 days to understand it better. But according to my plan, I don’t have these days, and I’m going to Malmo P.S. Grodas will receive insider information about how to work with Swedish companies after my arrival home.