We are a Ukrainian IT company LLC “Grodas”, which provides services for the development of web applications and web services for e-commerce, ticket sales, events, booking, logistics and more.

Since 2015, we have been helping our clients achieve their business goals by offering optimal and effective solutions.

We gained knowledge and experience in implementing projects of different levels of complexity in different areas.

Our projects

Development / Outstaffing / Ticket service / OpenCart
The ecosystem that unites ticket market players to the benefit of each stakeholder. The dedicated team developed the server part. Tools for accounting and analysis of sales traffic, users and SEO templates have been developed. The management system was customised for customer needs. This type of Internet project is designed for high loads.  
Support and Development / Outsourcing / Forum-Marketplace / IPS Community Suite
Forum for sharing experiences with the OpenCart content management system. The marketplace where templates and modules for the content management system are sold. Community 1600+ users. Our team provides technical support, development of new functionality and optimization of the resource.
Development / Magazine / Web & Mobile App / Wordpress
LDaily is an information-analytical business publication for businessmen and a source of content about entrepreneurship and everything related to it. Our team has performed a full set of works on the design, development and implementation of the project. In addition, migration and database adaptation work on the new project architecture was presented. Developed a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.  
Support and Development / Outstaffing / Shopify / Slim Framework
Nexusmedia is developing add-ons for stores on the Shopify platform. Our team develops add-ons for online stores on the Shopify platform.
Autoreminder is a solution for car owners that helps to monitor the condition of the car and take timely measures to eliminate various problems. Our team developed the concept of landing and implemented it.  
Support and development / Shop / OpenCart
COR-Medical is a leading supplier of latest medical equipment, instruments, implants, sutures and other medical devices. Our team has carried out a full range of work on resource development. We provide technical support for the resource.
Support and development / Shop / OpenCart
Healthy food and sushi delivery site. Our team maintains this resource and develops additional functionality for the store.  
Own product / Logistic service / OpenCart
The platform for owners of freight forwarding companies, which provides the ability to plan and optimize freight. Our team provided a full range of platform implementation services, from product concept development, software implementation to product promotion and technical support.
Development / Oustaffing / CRM ZOHO / Laravel Framework
ZOHO CRM system with advanced features and capabilities such as analytical reports, sales forecast management modules etc. Our team developed functionality for the CRM system and its extensions.
Development / Outstaffing / Booking service/ OpenCart
Site for renting real estate, where you can rent an apartment. Our team has done a full set of works on the design, development and implementation of the project. The site has a search with additional filters and a system of booking and sale of apartments for daily rent.
Support and Development / Austaffing / CRM ZOHO / Yii2 Framework
G Medical Innovations visiting card website that provides health care and monitoring services. Our team performed work on the ZOHO API migration on the site.
Development / Taxi / Wordpress
Aris-T site for online taxi ordering and additional services. Our team has done a full set of works on the design, development and implementation of the project. The site integrates third-party services from IP telephony and the global control platform.