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Shopify APP Development

Do you run a business and don’t know where to begin with improvement? Why not share this burden with our Shopify app development company? Dealing with responsive Shopify apps, we implement appropriate technologies and develop a user-friendly design. The result? A unique application, just for you.
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Shopify App Development Services We Provide

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Our Shopify App Development Process

Working with Shopify app development means getting more and more experienced in building a transparent work process on the projects of different scale. Our app development expert uses those steps for the Shopify app development process.

  1. Conducting analysis

    Our Grodas Group developers start by studying clients' requirements and conducting market analysis. Having these ready for the final product, we hand over the SRD (software requirements documents) for a future app to the customer.

  2. Planning architecture

    The data we get from the documentation helps our developers design a high-level system architecture for the future app. Then, we estimate the time frame, calculate the budget and get ready for the most exciting part - developing the app.

  3. App development

    Our developers write code and create algorithms for the app. Their valuable expertise and wide portfolio help a lot. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we go to testing the app and analyzing compliance. With the proper analysis of the client's requirements and plan preparation for the future custom Shopify app, we start working on the long-hoped-for product for your business.

  4. Launch and support

    A moment to celebrate - the launching of the Shopify app. What can you expect at this stage? When you get the fresh-developed app, we don't leave you on your own with it. We are here to support its proper work, fix bugs, and make necessary improvements with Shopify plugins development.

Why Choose Shopify App Development by Grodas Group

Our seven years of working in the Shopify app development services industry got us a portfolio of 100+ successful projects. Here are the reasons for building your business with us:

What Our Clients Say

Evidential of trustful relationships with our clients is the feedback we get for our development work on Shopify apps.

  • Incredible developers!

    They are skilled and have great communication, they explain what they do and what they are working on. They gave me advice, I loved it!

    Mat De Sousa

    CEO at “The Wide Company”

  • Recommend them!

    Thank you very much to the Grodas team for their responsiveness, politeness, professionalism! It is important to note the excellent work of the designer, programmers, and management. The guys are always ready to advise, suggest and find a solution at any time!

    Poloz Halyna

    Head at “Emrybu”

  • Reliable and flexible developers!

    I am satisfied with the work of the development team! I would like to note the qualification of the staff, support, and advice at all stages of development! It's nice to work with a close-knit team of people who understand IT! Loyalty in the price range is also pleasing!

    Oleksandr Brukhan

    Head at "Vdruk"

  • Responsibility, sociability!

    I was pleased that you treated all requests and suggestions with respect. It's really cool that you can suggest multiple ways to solve the problem - it shows you as experienced developers!

    Daryna Pesina

    COO at “It-Jim”

  • High-quality work!

    I've chosen Grodas for high-quality work, decency, honesty, and punctuality. Grodas team not only performs tasks but also offers interesting solutions!

    Vadim Chernetsky

    Co-founder at “TicketBox”

Grodas Group Awards

Successful cases of our Shopify app development services altogether with clients’ positive testimonials are our soft power. The awards themselves are not to be proud of – they merely mark the quality of our work.

For over seven years of work compiled with 100+ projects, we’ve got quite a collection:

F.A.Q. About Shopify Mobile App
Development Services

Why Choose Shopify App Development?

The Shopify platform is very flexible and allows the integration of various creative solutions. By choosing private Shopify custom development of an app, shop owners have a great opportunity to implement any ideas. Also, the public app development allows developers to place their products in the app store and make a profit from its sale.

What’s Your Pricing Model?

The hourly rate fluctuates between $25 and 40, What affects the final cost? The complexity of the project, its duration, and the level of the developers. Considering the hourly rate, we also work with the outstaff and outsource model.

How do I Track the Progress of my Project?

We have an individual approach to working with each client, but we mainly use Scrum based on sprints. Every week before starting a new sprint, we have a call with the client. You can track the progress of developers in Kanban and Jira.

Can I Hire Shopify App Developer for Hourly?

Yes, you can. Outstaffing and outsourcing work models aim at this type of cooperation.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Shopify App Development?

We take on all the work of managing. We setup the app development process, from gathering the smallest needs like developing an app theme and defining the main goal to testing, uploading to production, and support.

How Long Should I Wait for my Shopify App?

From a week to 6 months, depending on the project's complexity and requirements.

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